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In addition to the education and support the child receives from the teacher, specialised assistance may be necessary for specific developmental, learning or social-emotional problems. Multidisciplinary therapies are integrated into the daily schedule and are offered inside or outside the classroom. Sometimes assessment by experts is necessary to get a clearer picture of the special help that is needed.

Extra multidisciplinary support is available at Lighthouse for Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. Parents will be charged separately for these therapies.


Speech and language therapists are specialists in communication disorders that work to assess, diagnose and develop a programme to maximise the communication potential of the children under their care.

They also support children with swallowing, eating and drinking difficulties. The therapist will make use of the support of the parents and the teachers to implement the individual programme of the child.


Occupational therapy intervention is targeted towards those areas that are interfering with the child's ability to function. These include gross motor, fine motor, sensory-motor integration and self-help skills.

Often, intervention is given in the form of play activities specifically designed to facilitate and support the child’s self-help, play and learning skills. This may be done by individual or group therapy sessions, in the therapy room or in the classroom.

The occupational therapist also gives advice and guidance to the parents and teacher of the child


The physiotherapist assesses your child in order to identify areas of physical concern. Together with the parents an appropriate intervention plan is drawn up and and goals specific to the child are decided upon.

The child will be offered therapy which may consist of therapeutic exercises, neurodevelopmental therapy, mobilisation, stretching/strenghtening and balance exercises, posture education, massage and sensory-integrative therapy.

The therapy is mostly based on one-on-one sessions, but may also be given in small groups or in the classroom. The physiotherapist works together with other professionals in the care of your child (in order to ensure the best possible intervention.)

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