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When parents apply for a place at Lighthouse for their child, they are invited for an introductory meeting with the Location Leader for information about the school and about the admission procedure.

Based on information from the parents, it is assessed whether Lighthouse is an option for the child or not. In case Lighthouse seems to be a suitable placement for the child, the parents fill out the application form, available at school and online (PDF document).

They are also asked to sign a statement that authorises the school to request reports from other institutions involved with the child. Sometimes additional inquiries are necessary.

The ministerial Zorgcommissie (Commission for Care and Indication)go to the website makes the final decision as to whether Lighthouse is the right place for the child. The Zorgcommissie reads all the information available, and may decide that further assessment is necessary, either because the reviews are too old or not complete.

During the admission procedure, the child may attend school for the purpose of observation. The social worker or the psychologist will interview the parents.

When the Zorgcommissie has concluded that Lighthouse is the right place for the child, the parents are informed about the results of the inquiry and the advice.

If parents agree with the advice to enrol the child, a date is set for the child to start school. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be designed for the child and discussed with the parents.

If the Zorgcommissie advises against enrolment in the Lighthouse school, parents can ask for a written explanation and appeal the decision.

Interested parents are invited to contact the school for information:

telephone: +31 (0)70 33 55 698

Lighthouse - Enrolment

Lighthouse Special Education - address: Amalia van Solmsstraat 155, 2595 TA Den Haag - tel.: +31(0)703355698 - email: infolse@hsvdenhaag.nl
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