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The existence of Lighthouse is based on three financial pillars:

  1. Government subsidy
    The subsidy is based on the number of students on 1 October in the preceding year. This means that the amount is not stable and not very large, given the small number of students.
  2. Contribution of the parents and/or their companies or employers
    This contribution is very high in comparison with Dutch norms, but reasonable as compared with the school fee parents with special needs children have to pay to some international schools. Parents' contributions take care of the major part of the expenses to run the school.
  3. Donations
    Examples include the City of The Hague, Stichting Internationaal Onderwijs (Foundation for International Education), private individuals, and international businesses.


As part of the admission procedure, an assessment may need to be carried out. The cost of the assessment is approximately € 1.200, depending on what is needed. If a student requires assessment in many areas, it is possible that the costs will exceed € 1.200.


After a child is enrolled, an agreement about the contribution is made with the parents. In principle, the parents' contribution is voluntary, but after signing the agreement the parents are obligated to pay:

- 3-4 years old students: € 18.800 per year
- 5-13 years old students: € 24.200 per year.

The contribution can be paid at once or in three instalments:

1. August through November, payable before 1st August
2. December through March, payable before 1st December
3. April through July, payable before 1st April.

Therapies, evaluations and transportation are billed separately.

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Lighthouse Special Education - address: Amalia van Solmsstraat 155, 2595 TA Den Haag - tel.: +31(0)703355698 - email: infolse@hsvdenhaag.nl
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