Lighthouse Special Education

Parent Bodies

Parent Teacher Council (MR)
Joint Parent Association (GMR)
Parent Activity Committee (OAC)


Parent Teacher Council (MR)

MR stands for the Dutch word Medezeggenschapsraad. This translates as “Right of say Council”.
In essence the MR is a co-administration council (a mixture between a traditional Parent Teacher Association and a School Council). It is a requirement by Dutch law to have an MR in every school. The MR has an advisory role.

The MR plays an important role in the communication between parents, staff and Management by taking a critical look at proposals from the Supervisory Board. The MR can advise or, in some cases, disapprove before a decision is final. The MR is made up of parents and staff from the International Department, (the ID) and Dutch Department (the NA).

The members of the current MR are:

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Joint Parent Association (GMR)

School foundations like ours, which are responsible for more than one school, and have the legal obligation to set up a GMR.

This group communicates with the Board and Management team and discusses policy for all schools in our Foundation. The issues discussed deal specifically with matters that affect the whole of the organisation, such as the Budget, Annual Report, School Policies and Personnel issues.

The members of the current GMR are:
Wilma Kletzkine (chair) on behalf of Basisschool HSV staff
Franziska Eckelmans on behalf of Basisschool HSV parents
José Peters on behalf of IVIO staff
Cathelijne van Meurs on behalf of IVIO parents
Jenny Huttinga on behalf of Basisschool Willemspark parents
Vacancy on behalf of Lighthouse Special Education staff
Vacancy on behalf of Lighthouse Special Education parents
Vacancy on behalf of Het Open Venster parents

The meetings are attended by Hans van der Vlugt, board.

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Parent Activity Committee (OAC)

The HSV Parent Activity Committee (or “Ouder Activiteiten Commissie” = OAC) consists of currently 8 parents (5 from the NA side, 3 from the ID side). The OAC gathers a few times per year to plan and organise activities for the children and the parents of the school: Sinterklaas, Christmas, the Summer Party and some smaller events like the Book Week, Valentine’s Disco etc.

The OAC works closely together with the school, as all the activities require coordination of efforts between the teachers (and children) and the parents. Members of the OAC therefore meet regularly with school management and sometimes with teacher groups.

The OAC is a nice way for parents to be involved in activities at school and to get to know other parents (also from the other department). If you are interested in helping out at an event or have ideas or comments about activities, please feel free to contact a member of the OAC. [hyperlink an email address]

The members of the current OAC are:
Reinier van Winden Finance
Elizabeth Cronin Finance
Arethusa Zanoni Committee Member
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The 2HSV foundation was set up by parents and former HSV alumni to promote the interests of the Haagsche Schoolvereeniging, and to offer fundraising support with specific projects in the school. In the past 2HSV has made large contributions, such as upgrading the schoolyard and playground, the purchase of musical instruments as well as iPads and tablets.

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