Lighthouse Special Education

FAQ (Admissions)

From what age can I apply for a place at the Lighthouse?

You can apply for your child to be added to the school’s waiting list from the age of 1 year old.

Can I apply for a place in the Lighthouse and in the International department at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for a (supported) place in the International Department at the same time as you apply for a place at the Lighthouse. You do need to complete application forms for both schools and it is helpful if you let us know that you have applied for both. We will then look at the applications and work out which school placement is most appropriate for your child.

When will I know my child has a place?

For the Three Little Ships pre-school, places are allocated in the Spring before the start of the new school year. If a place becomes available during the year we will contact the next family on the waiting list.

For the Lighthouse school classes, you will be offered a place as soon as one is available and we have all the relevant paperwork in place.

What are the school fees?

There is no enrollment fee.

The parental contribution for the Three Little Ships early intervention program for children under 5 years old is €18,800 per year.

The parental contribution for Lighthouse school children aged 5-13 is €24,200 per year.

There is an additional contribution if a child requires an individual assistant.

Therapy costs are extra.

Once my child has been accepted, what are the instalments for payment?

Payments can be made once at the start of the school year.

Alternatively, payment can be made in three installments:

  1. before 1st August for Term One
  2. before 1st December for Term Two
  3. before 1st April for Term Three