Lighthouse Special Education

Confidential Advisor

If you have concerns about your child or are unhappy about something at school, you should take this up with the Director of the school. If, however, you would like to speak to someone confidentially who is not in the management team, then you can contact the school’s Confidential Advisor:

Mrs. Lisa Mayhall
Telephone number: 0627091569


If you wish to speak to someone confidentially outside the HSV organisation, then you can contact the External Confidential Advisor:

Mr. Albert van der Zalm
Address: Postbus 53509, 2505 AM Den Haag
Telephone: 070 448 2828/ 06-23814297


The National Confidential Advisor for complaints is:

Ms. D.H.C. Dane Peeters
Address: Postbus 95572, 2509 CN Den Haag
Telephone : 070 331 52 52